At Chew Stoke Church School, we recognise that maths is essential to everyday life. We believe that maths should inspire all pupils and provide opportunities for learners to make sense of the world around them with confidence.

We aim to deliver an ambitious, connected curriculum accessible to all, through the use of a whole school scheme of work (White Rose Maths, adapted to meet and challenge individual learners’ needs.

Our policies, resources and schemes support our vision and help children across the school to become fluent mathematicians, with a secure conceptual understanding of maths. Learners are able to reason and solve a range of mathematical problems.



Teachers use the White Rose scheme of work to teach objectives clearly and to develop problem solving and reasoning for all learners. Teachers are encouraged to tailor plans, resources and support to suit individual learners’ needs.

The concrete, pictorial, abstract approach provides leaners with a real-world connection to mathematics. The mathematics strands are taught in blocks to allow pupils to become ‘masters’ of each topic area. Daily, small steps are taught to enhance conceptual understanding.

Concrete equipment is used across the whole school to develop mathematical concepts. Teachers use a variety of equipment and visual representations to embed connections in mathematics at a deeper level.

Teachers have a secure subject and pedagogical knowledge of mathematics, which has developed over time through year group expertise, staff meetings and training opportunities.

Mathematical understanding is checked through careful questioning, assessment for learning opportunities, formative assessment and summative assessment. Formative assessment is carried out through the use of Flashback 4, a system of questions that reviews previous learning, for that particular term.  Summative assessment takes place three times a year at the end of each long term, using the White Rose end of term assessments.

Misconceptions are identified and addressed through immediate support in lesson, adapting planning and carefully planned interventions, that are carried out by both teachers and teaching assistants throughout the school.



As a result of our maths teaching at Chew Stoke, you will see;

  • Children who are engaged and challenged
  • Children who can talk confidently about their learning in maths
  • Children who can use the acquired vocabulary in maths lessons
  • Children who can use the acquired representations in maths lessons
  • Children who can demonstrate a quick recall of facts
  • Children who can independently reason and solve problems
  • Lessons that use a range of resources and representations to support learning
  • Data that tracks pupil attainment and progress