Modern Foreign Languages - Spanish


At Chew Stoke Church School, our Spanish curriculum aims to develop curious, confident learners who have an enthusiastic, positive attitude to learning other languages. We intend to provide an introduction to the culture of Spanish-speaking countries and communities in order to foster children’s curiosity and help deepen their understanding of the world, encouraging them to go on to become life-long language learners. We place a strong emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills, providing opportunities for them to interact and communicate with others. In Upper Key Stage 2, children will begin to develop reading and writing skills, gradually progressing to more complex language concepts.



In KS1, pupils may be informally introduced to other languages through, for example, daily greetings and counting. As a multicultural school, young children have the opportunity to gain experience of other languages through their peers.  

Spanish teaching begins in KS2. Our lessons are based on the Twinkl scheme of work, which provides progressive coverage of skills through logical sequences of lessons. There is plenty of opportunity for revision of prior learning as well as the introduction of new skills, vocabulary and grammar. These resources are adapted to the needs of our pupils, ensuring that our weekly lessons are engaging and accessible to all. Covering a range of day-to-day topics, pupils learn to understand spoken and written Spanish and to communicate in Spanish with increasing confidence and fluency. 



At Chew Stoke Church School, children develop a greater understanding of other languages and cultures through our Spanish curriculum and enjoy the challenges associated with speaking, listening to, reading and writing another language. They develop confidence in their communication skills and demonstrate progression as they move through KS2, showing a positive attitude to learning other languages at secondary school. We aspire to have an impact not only in inspiring a love of Spanish but an eagerness to learn and learn about other languages and cultures, which is vitally important in our increasingly multicultural world.