What is the PTA?

A PTA is an excellent way to bring together parents, teachers and others to raise money and to support the school. It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together towards a common goal. All parents and teachers can get involved even if they only have a small amount of time available. PTA activities vary from school to school but will normally include:

  • raising funds to help the school provide “extras” for the pupils
  • running social events for parents and children
  • providing support for school trips and outings and other special events
  • organising meetings to inform parents about education issues, especially when changes are taking place

Why do we need a PTA?

With thousands of pounds being raised from activities and events every year, this money is spent on improving school facilities and providing much-needed resources.

Where does the money go?

Last year PTA monies went towards projects such as funding maintenance of the school grounds, playground equipment, leavers’ services, musical equipment, touring theatre productions, stage lighting, cycling proficiency courses and even books!

How do I join?

All parents are already members of the PTA, but if you’d like to get more involved please speak to your class rep.

I’m busy, I don’t have the time. How can I help?

We all lead busy lives. Any support you can offer will be welcome, whether that be helping out at one or two events, (e.g. a cake sale or film night), acting as a class rep, or being part of the committee.

What is a class rep?

A class rep is a link between the parents and the PTA — to let parents know about PTA events and encourage them to become involved, either by helping out in the background, helping on the day, or just attending the event. It’s not a big job, but vitally important to the success of PTA events.

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