Welcome to the new Chew Stoke Church School Society!

Chew Stoke Church School, founded in 1718, is one of the oldest primary schools in Somerset. It is a school which started 300 years ago with just 20 boys, weathered political and social change over these 3 centuries growing to be an outstanding village church school with over 180 boys and girls attending.

Chew Stoke Church School Society provides a platform for past parents and pupils to maintain a link and continue to support this remarkable and unique school.

First and foremost the Society forms a type of “alumni” for past students and ensures that “leaving” students are able to maintain a link with their fellow pupils and former staff by means of correspondence, publications and events. There will be opportunities for past pupils to return to the school in order to share their experiences and to contribute to school events.

Secondly, the Society has a benevolent aim focused on supporting and assisting Chew Stoke Church School by fundraising as and when appropriate or by donations.

We offer all past pupils/staff and local community members the opportunity to support the school by joining the Society. For those wishing to become a member, there is a small annual membership fee (£10) or alternatively the possibility to pay for a 10 year or lifetime membership.

In turn the Society provides you with a “School Pin”, an annual newsletter and will inform you when there are events at Chew Stoke Church School which members are invited to. In years to come we hope to arrange class reunions and other celebration events too.

Are you a past pupil of the school? Perhaps your children/grandchildren attended? Or are you a member/business within our community who would like to support your local school?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us (email: schoolsociety@chewstokeacademy.org or tel: 07817 038009) in order to become a member of our new School Society!

Chew Stoke Church School Society - Information