Online Safety


E-Safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Chew Stoke Church School . We have extensive security measures in place in school, which are monitored both internally and externally, to help safeguard pupils from potential dangers or unsuitable material. Any e-Safety incidents are recorded and managed.  E-Safety is taught to all pupils explaining and demonstrating how to stay safe and behave appropriately online.

We can only be successful in keeping children safe online if we work with parents to ensure the e-Safety message is consistent. It is important that parents speak to their children about how they can keep safe and behave appropriately online.

As part of our participation in the Speak Out Stay Safe programme, our colleagues from the NSPCC delivered an online workshop session for parents. Please follow the link below for further advice and guidance on how to keep our children safe online.

Every fortnight we will include an online safety poster with our newsletter to help educate you and your children. The posters are produced by the National Online Safety organisation. The list below is the guides we have publishes so far:

Online Safety Parent Guides