31 January 2023

Image of Non-school uniform day - Water Survival Box Appeal - Friday 3rd Feb

On Friday 3rd February we will be holding a non-school uniform day. This is to raise money for Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club’s water box appeal. The charity sends boxes around the world to events such as natural disasters. The box contains equipment to support a family to survive; it contains equipment to purify water and essentials such as cooking equipment and tarpaulins for shelter. Each box costs around £130 to put together and ship around the world and we would love to raise enough to provide a water box. Recently many water purifying kits have been sent to Ukraine. You may recall that the Rotary Club supports the school by presenting our Year 3 children with a dictionary each year.


If you would like to donate to our fundraising children can bring a donation to school on Friday or you can pay via Parent Pay (details of how to do this will be sent out later in the week).